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Coming out of the pandemic, YJA has and will continue to face numerous challenges as a nonprofit organization. The 2022 Convention will be one of the most expensive to date due to COVID-19 security measures, supply chain constraints, and rising inflation.

Texas Tycoons is a grassroots, public facing fundraising platform for YJA members to raise money for the 2022 YJA Convention: Navigating New Horizons. Through this platform, we aim to raise funds to mitigate these increased costs and safely provide the most incredible convention experience yet, while maintaining accessibility and affordability for all attendees. We want every young Jain to be able to experience the magic of a YJA Convention.

Click “Create A Campaign” below to launch your own campaign to which your family and friends can donate to. All Jain youth aged 14 - 29 can participate – no prior involvement in YJA is necessary!

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We’d like to thank the 2019-2020 YJA Local Representatives who led the first national YJA Grassroots Fundraising Campaign: Big Bucks for Change, paving the road for future such campaigns: Aayushi Mehta, Mira Shah, Vidhi Piparia, Anoushka Modi, Riya Patel, and Ronak Jain. We would also like to thank Krish Kamdar, Romit Nagda, and the 2020-2021 YJA Executive Board for building the highly successful YJA Giving Tuesday Platform. Texas Tycoons would not be possible without these two groups' innovative and groundbreaking efforts. Thank you!

Top Donors

  1. Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington $6001

  2. Anil and Hina Shah MA MRCC $6000

  3. Jiv Daya Foundation $5001

Recent Donations

  1. Shreya Bhatta $10.52

  2. Parveen Jain $5000

  3. Arihanta Academy (Parveen Jain) $5000

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