YJA 2022

Navigating New Horizons

July 1 - July 4 | Dallas, TX


About YJA

Every two years, YJA brings together hundreds of Jains from across the world to learn together and build long-lasting friendships. With thought-provoking speakers, engaging social events, and more, we're excited to host the 15th YJA Convention!








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Daytime Programming

This Convention will connect 700+ young Jains from around the world who will come together to engage on various topics related to Jain philosophy and values. Featuring engaging and inspirational speakers, we aim to prompt reflection, spark discussion, and inspire personal, professional, and spiritual growth for all attendees through our programming!


Social Programming

At this Convention, attendees will discover new worlds through a weekend of transformative events that have never been experienced before. The Talent Show, Garba, Formal, Mixers, and Icebreakers will reunite attendees with old friends and connect them with new ones too! These events will allow attendees to form new bonds, interact with each other, and create everlasting memories in a safe and comfortable environment.


22+ Programming

22+ Programming aims to help young Jains between the ages of 22-29 grow professionally, personally, and spiritually while enabling them to cultivate positive change in their own communities. Those in this age group will attend all of the general Convention programming as well as some specialized events, which will challenge their thinking and develop goals via interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and social events.


The health and safety of all attendees at Convention remains our top priority, especially in light of the ongoing spread of COVID-19. YJA will continue to closely monitor public health data and regularly consult with health experts to adapt our approach to the convention as needed. Attendees will be informed of any updates or changes to the current Convention plans.